maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2016

♥ théhuone ♥

Mornings ~ ! Heading again to evening shift and woke up wayyy to early, so here I'm updating my dead blog again ~ ! The black coffee - bitter and black as my soul beside me, and cats roaming around the room, listening Driven like the Snow from Sisters of Mercy and typing as madman! Life is good. Last week, or something among those lines, I met with Saga (I swear, I've other friends also :''D), and it has been long time no see, and it was planned to be short gathering up! We headed to théhuone because Ounce is so last season. (Just kidding, variety is the spice of life, or something like that?) And I was like, well I could dress up.. or go naked. I decided to go naked. ._.

Milky Cross special set from Angelic Pretty (thank you Heidi for not discouraging me even I should not buy dresses..!), bag is also from AP, tights some kids section and shoes from Bodyline. I swear, those shoes are best for running! I had also Usakumya from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with me, because creepy animals? You don't really understand how nice it is to own simple OP's as to go-clothes - no time consuming matching (wrong shade of baby pink.. where's this and that oh god no no so many shades but not the right one I'm going to kill a cow), just dive into dress, get some petti, and find your shoes, you're ready to go. 

Our short meeting got bit longer, after tea we headed to Chinese/sushi buffet.. our guilty pleasure. Always so nice time with her, thank you for bearing with me!

"Darling, you have become a fat." - Well thank you.

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