perjantai 9. joulukuuta 2016

Shades of Brown

Helloo ~ The purchase post is coming tuut tuut!

I kept my promise I did not buy any dresses! Job well done! That means this post isn't that interesting to you, but why not to share the material happiness when you could? I've got couple of ~ mocha~ / ~ivory~ chocolate main pieces to my wardrobe as you know, but nothing to match with them! The Baby pink has been my color as long as I've been into fashion so you can go figure that. ._.

Melty Royal Chocolate Tote Bag Plate in mocha x brown, 2013

Royal Switching Bow Tie blouse in brown, 2012

Romantic Sweet Lacy blouse in white, 2014

Have to share couple of detail pics more, because I really, really love that blouse! So dreamy *.*

The best part here is I really can justify every purchase here, isn't it best thing when shopping? You aren't really buying anything unnecessary! :D Now I've to just find good opportunity to dress up and be fabulouus ~  kek Till the next time!

sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2016

♥ Styling my pets! ♥

I purely got inspiration for this blog post from Rufflechat's discussion "If your pet would be lolita, which style/brand she/he would wear?", so thank you for said topics OP! As you know, I've four adorable furbabies, which everyone is polar opposite of another. So this really needs its own post!

Ladies first, Chisu. Chisu is kind of cold you know? With my ex-roommate we talked often how she would be that cold eyes-cold heart lawyer, in really fitting suit, tight bun and with really stern attitude. Woman, who needs no one, woman who loves no one, until there comes Sentti, little rascal and street rat/-fighter who sweeps our little Ice Queen from her feet and will be only one who gets some way warmer expression to sneak into Chisu's face.

I think that the last skirt on row would be Chisu's favorite from her wardrobe.

While I love Sentti and her quirks over the moon and back, I can't force her to dress into silly frills and big bows - no, you will see her wearing something more.. practical.

I'm not being fair.. when using said one's baby picture here :D

As you know, Ilo's name means "Joy", and she is really attention seeking, loud and all over the places, so she will be OTT everything, I think she has been major ita/speshul snowflake and what nots, until level upped into OTT sweet. Circle lenses, props bigger than herself, billion wigs, two toned wigs, all those 2009-2012 vibes and most teeth rotting sugary prints from Angelic Pretty.

And lastly we have Sissi here, my old boy and bmi monster. Old gubbe. I think he would be walking around in Alice and Pirates, or in saggy pants and wooden shoes. :'D

How your pet might be dressing up? I personally think that Sissi is wayyyy too lazy to dress up like that, until someone forces him to attend some meetup and still Sissi tries to choose the most comfiest outfit and leave every accessory behind. While Ilo is like "mooore moooore plastic bling bling dozen ribbons isn't enough at all!!" and Chisu is here like "if there isn't decent tea I'm leaving and Sissi wear even one ring you look plain, Sentti oh holy trinity put different blouse! You used that last time. Peasants. Ilo, cease the glitter, it makes you look cheap."

Have a lazy Sunday! :)

maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2016

♥ théhuone ♥

Mornings ~ ! Heading again to evening shift and woke up wayyy to early, so here I'm updating my dead blog again ~ ! The black coffee - bitter and black as my soul beside me, and cats roaming around the room, listening Driven like the Snow from Sisters of Mercy and typing as madman! Life is good. Last week, or something among those lines, I met with Saga (I swear, I've other friends also :''D), and it has been long time no see, and it was planned to be short gathering up! We headed to théhuone because Ounce is so last season. (Just kidding, variety is the spice of life, or something like that?) And I was like, well I could dress up.. or go naked. I decided to go naked. ._.

Milky Cross special set from Angelic Pretty (thank you Heidi for not discouraging me even I should not buy dresses..!), bag is also from AP, tights some kids section and shoes from Bodyline. I swear, those shoes are best for running! I had also Usakumya from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with me, because creepy animals? You don't really understand how nice it is to own simple OP's as to go-clothes - no time consuming matching (wrong shade of baby pink.. where's this and that oh god no no so many shades but not the right one I'm going to kill a cow), just dive into dress, get some petti, and find your shoes, you're ready to go. 

Our short meeting got bit longer, after tea we headed to Chinese/sushi buffet.. our guilty pleasure. Always so nice time with her, thank you for bearing with me!

"Darling, you have become a fat." - Well thank you.

torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

~ Melty Chess Dot ~ !

Morning ~ !

Gosh, heading to early evening shift and got only 4 hours of sleep! Now casually just drowning myself into coffee while trying to update some recent purchases! Okayyy not so recent, I got them while I was still living alone, so I got them two or three months ago, go and figure.. Have to wait that the sun will rise so I can take couple of more pictures for future's posts.. Living in Finland; trying to schedule everything for couple of hours when the sun is up.. The meet up season will wither away hahaha! Or decent ootd pics..

I'm really pleased with these purchases, even I've said like.. four months already that "no dresses, more accessories". The amount of guilt can't overcome the pleasure of owning these kkkk ~ !

For first I wasn't that great fun of chocolate prints.. dresses, bags, you name it. I'm not even great fan of sugary treats! But then.. then.. I went and bought Melty Chocolate skirt in pink and oh boy, that girl was sold! I have always had bit mixed feelings with Chess Chocolate, but now it's hanging on my closet, waiting and waiting the coming out of closet-outfit. The time and place has to be right! I mean, that dress deserves it.

You have seen this dress already, not going to apologize, because oh my fucking holy cross god! That dress is incredible! Feeling putting effort on your makeup shopping trip? DOLLY DOT. Feeling like travelling to visit your grandparent but feeling fancy? DOLLY DOT. Friend wants to meet asap at sushi place? DOLLY DOT. You feeling blue and angsty and black is the loveliest color of the word, sucking all the other colors, but all your trusty black clothes aren't nice enough? DOLLY DOT. Wanting look hella adorable and cute for someone who hasn't seen you in lolita like ever? DOLLY DOT. Okay. I love that dress. Bye.

Also this one is waiting coming out of the closet-day, because what I can say? It's chocolate thing. It's fucking mocha. My closet is still like 95% baby pink? Gotta get my shit together and start to purchase those accessories. Even the dresses are way nicer. ;_; The hard path of lolita. Decisions, decisions. By the way, Melty Whip is kind of heavy! I bet it will be lovely on winter time because of it's thickness, like Gloria. 

How you feel about chocolate lolita? It almost seems to be legit sub style of lolita. :'D Btw, while writing this post I've been listening on Sabaton, I mean like.. Why I'm even listening somekind of hero heavy(?? :D)  here, when I totally prefer Sisters of Mercy and Marina and the Diamonds kind of music..

keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Old Enough to Mix ._.

My Friend asked, that am I suffering, you look like it? And I answered am I not always suffering, I always look like it? It's true, I don't really have "resting bitch face" (oh god I wish I would have ;_;), my face looks like beyond agony and always suffering. :D I got even into small bickering with said friend do I smile, do I not? But please, mark this down; I'm updating second time this week! Or in two weeks? 

Week or two ago I was running small errands on town, I felt like dressing up, thinking something like "I've paid over thousand euros for my closet so I damn will use them before my death perrrrkele!". So I ended mixing my casual clothes and lolita and I was like, hurdur I'm elitist and old fart enough to mix this shit together and look fabulous. Fabulous or not, the cold wind gets better of me and I ended with casual platforms and jacket.

Casual cute? Not too casual lolita? Do you get the larme kei vibes here? I'm wearing Dolly Dot OP in pink from Angelic Pretty, the barrette holding my hair is also from AP,  ankle socks are AP and small bag is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, pale pink tights are from some store's kids' section because why not? The jacket are from H&M (yeah, come on and end me :'D) and shoes... I really can't remember, some basic shoe shop. 

My room is slowly getting arranged.. slowly. Like really slowly slowly, and maybe before my next moving I've got it done. Maybe.

lauantai 1. lokakuuta 2016

Sugar and Salt - Cake Buffet

Good morning! ~ ! Or evening, night, summer and Halloween! Gotta break that dead silence here while I'm still buzzing with caffeine. You know already my story, sorry about lack of post, been working jadajadajada. About 10 hours ago I ended about 11 hours shift so now, my tiredness mixed with coffee presents you ah wonderful post! Abouuut ~ Kakkugalleria! (Cake Gallery, every Finnish lolitas knew that place - the cake buffet!)

I've always wanted to try their cake buffet, but as my friends knows - sugar isn't really my thing, I'm salty person! Haha, and couple years back it would have been only waste of money, because I would have eaten only one piece of cake or so. Now was better time! We have been set a cake date with Heidi, so cool! So please, rest your eyes on these couple of phone pictures!

In middle of eating, speaking about holy burando and Heidi's Mystic Admirer/whatever dating game (I tried to play so that some guy would end badly with Heidi, makes sense, no?) and guessing whatkind of computer will be Heidi's soon, and how badly I want PS3 was good to consult Saga about our cake process. "Is 6 pieces of cake enough?" (I'm going to die, ugh, sugar, never again, need. salt. more. salt. not enough salt.) And Saga gave her approval for my score. Felt like real sweet lolita after that!

One thing to cross over on my bucket list - eating at cake buffet! Thank you Heidi ~ ! I promised to get more things on my bucket list to do, but I'm still thinking about them.. How's your bucket list doing? I bet that everyone has somekind of list "what to go before death?".

tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2016

June, July, August: Phone Pic Editions

Okayyy... it took some time to come up again with phone pic edition, which I meant to be monthly thing.. blame my poor brains! I'm preparing for night shift right now hahaha and just paid my eBay shoppings. :) Materialism makes me happy ~

June in nutshell: Hellocon, Hellocon Teaparty, Saga's wedding.. something something something.

July in nuthsell: Urban Fairytale, something something..

August: Summer vacation ♥, moved to shared apartment.. During vacation I had time to be lazy af and to dress up. Yay! I was bit a lost how to do sweet lolita, I mean, nothing did feel good - not wigs, not own hair, nor any of my dresses and skirts, day after day I was thinking that shit, that style doesn't fit me anymore - this isn't what I am?!! How. Do. I. Lolita. On the background I has bit stressful times at work and hadn't time to even dress up or anything.. But I think I've found my style again. Need more wigs, my own hair will see different times soon.. bwuahahahhahahahah!!

Two ways to do sweet lolita, among million other ways, which one you prefer? Which is your way in lolita? Wigs, circle lenses? Heavy contour or all natural? Diabetes for whole nation, or old school?