keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Old Enough to Mix ._.

My Friend asked, that am I suffering, you look like it? And I answered am I not always suffering, I always look like it? It's true, I don't really have "resting bitch face" (oh god I wish I would have ;_;), my face looks like beyond agony and always suffering. :D I got even into small bickering with said friend do I smile, do I not? But please, mark this down; I'm updating second time this week! Or in two weeks? 

Week or two ago I was running small errands on town, I felt like dressing up, thinking something like "I've paid over thousand euros for my closet so I damn will use them before my death perrrrkele!". So I ended mixing my casual clothes and lolita and I was like, hurdur I'm elitist and old fart enough to mix this shit together and look fabulous. Fabulous or not, the cold wind gets better of me and I ended with casual platforms and jacket.

Casual cute? Not too casual lolita? Do you get the larme kei vibes here? I'm wearing Dolly Dot OP in pink from Angelic Pretty, the barrette holding my hair is also from AP,  ankle socks are AP and small bag is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, pale pink tights are from some store's kids' section because why not? The jacket are from H&M (yeah, come on and end me :'D) and shoes... I really can't remember, some basic shoe shop. 

My room is slowly getting arranged.. slowly. Like really slowly slowly, and maybe before my next moving I've got it done. Maybe.

4 kommenttia:

  1. I like the coord you created here. If I'm honest, I don't really understand what larme-kei aesthetic actually is - but maybe that's because it's not quite as strict or clearly defined as for example Lolita or fairy-kei. :P But I think the jacket goes well with it, as do the platforms (as much as I can see them, having the light behind you makes for a pretty dark photo).

    1. I agree with you about photo quality! I'm still trying to find good place to take photos. It was good when the sun was hiding :"D

      I agree with you about larme being bit hard, I found that usually styling of my hair is more "larme-ish" than purely sweet. :/

  2. I really love your outfit! Have a nice day! :)