The more you know the more you will suffer..

The eldest are Sissi, Chisu's father, and my nickname on the Interwebz "cchuboi" is combined from their names. *lol* Then there's our wild cat Sentti and our killjoy Ilo (in English "Joy"), but I call her Demon and Paskaperse (Shit Ass..), because she will take a bite from everything. Sentti is real wild cat - born into wilderness of Finnish forest etc etc and was without any human connection about two months? Before I take it under my roof. Sissi is real fat ass and obese monster, and I'm always trying to get him lose weight. The results are really skinny. And my boy still fat. Chisu is the Ice Queen Your Highness and you've to bow her, she is The Diva.

Sissi is born on end of summer of 2006.

Chisu is born on 2007, and Sissi is her father. The month is unknown.

Sentti is born on November 2012, and is wild cat born to (horse) stable cat.

Ilo is born on August of 2014, and I got her when she was 8 months old.

And lastly me, girl from Finland, horoscope is Taurus, I love cats, lolita and piercings, tea and coffee and my favorite colors are baby pink, lavender, white.. Favorite prints are (ok that was hard) Gloria, Twinkle Carnival hmmm... I'm 23 years old.

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