perjantai 9. joulukuuta 2016

Shades of Brown

Helloo ~ The purchase post is coming tuut tuut!

I kept my promise I did not buy any dresses! Job well done! That means this post isn't that interesting to you, but why not to share the material happiness when you could? I've got couple of ~ mocha~ / ~ivory~ chocolate main pieces to my wardrobe as you know, but nothing to match with them! The Baby pink has been my color as long as I've been into fashion so you can go figure that. ._.

Melty Royal Chocolate Tote Bag Plate in mocha x brown, 2013

Royal Switching Bow Tie blouse in brown, 2012

Romantic Sweet Lacy blouse in white, 2014

Have to share couple of detail pics more, because I really, really love that blouse! So dreamy *.*

The best part here is I really can justify every purchase here, isn't it best thing when shopping? You aren't really buying anything unnecessary! :D Now I've to just find good opportunity to dress up and be fabulouus ~  kek Till the next time!