sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2016

♥ Styling my pets! ♥

I purely got inspiration for this blog post from Rufflechat's discussion "If your pet would be lolita, which style/brand she/he would wear?", so thank you for said topics OP! As you know, I've four adorable furbabies, which everyone is polar opposite of another. So this really needs its own post!

Ladies first, Chisu. Chisu is kind of cold you know? With my ex-roommate we talked often how she would be that cold eyes-cold heart lawyer, in really fitting suit, tight bun and with really stern attitude. Woman, who needs no one, woman who loves no one, until there comes Sentti, little rascal and street rat/-fighter who sweeps our little Ice Queen from her feet and will be only one who gets some way warmer expression to sneak into Chisu's face.

I think that the last skirt on row would be Chisu's favorite from her wardrobe.

While I love Sentti and her quirks over the moon and back, I can't force her to dress into silly frills and big bows - no, you will see her wearing something more.. practical.

I'm not being fair.. when using said one's baby picture here :D

As you know, Ilo's name means "Joy", and she is really attention seeking, loud and all over the places, so she will be OTT everything, I think she has been major ita/speshul snowflake and what nots, until level upped into OTT sweet. Circle lenses, props bigger than herself, billion wigs, two toned wigs, all those 2009-2012 vibes and most teeth rotting sugary prints from Angelic Pretty.

And lastly we have Sissi here, my old boy and bmi monster. Old gubbe. I think he would be walking around in Alice and Pirates, or in saggy pants and wooden shoes. :'D

How your pet might be dressing up? I personally think that Sissi is wayyyy too lazy to dress up like that, until someone forces him to attend some meetup and still Sissi tries to choose the most comfiest outfit and leave every accessory behind. While Ilo is like "mooore moooore plastic bling bling dozen ribbons isn't enough at all!!" and Chisu is here like "if there isn't decent tea I'm leaving and Sissi wear even one ring you look plain, Sentti oh holy trinity put different blouse! You used that last time. Peasants. Ilo, cease the glitter, it makes you look cheap."

Have a lazy Sunday! :)

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  1. Eiii tää oli ihana!! :D Sentin asu on pro!

    1. Haha kiitos :D Mun mielestä noi AatP:n setit oli ihan Sentille kuuluvat :D