tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2016

June, July, August: Phone Pic Editions

Okayyy... it took some time to come up again with phone pic edition, which I meant to be monthly thing.. blame my poor brains! I'm preparing for night shift right now hahaha and just paid my eBay shoppings. :) Materialism makes me happy ~

June in nutshell: Hellocon, Hellocon Teaparty, Saga's wedding.. something something something.

July in nuthsell: Urban Fairytale, something something..

August: Summer vacation ♥, moved to shared apartment.. During vacation I had time to be lazy af and to dress up. Yay! I was bit a lost how to do sweet lolita, I mean, nothing did feel good - not wigs, not own hair, nor any of my dresses and skirts, day after day I was thinking that shit, that style doesn't fit me anymore - this isn't what I am?!! How. Do. I. Lolita. On the background I has bit stressful times at work and hadn't time to even dress up or anything.. But I think I've found my style again. Need more wigs, my own hair will see different times soon.. bwuahahahhahahahah!!

Two ways to do sweet lolita, among million other ways, which one you prefer? Which is your way in lolita? Wigs, circle lenses? Heavy contour or all natural? Diabetes for whole nation, or old school?