perjantai 5. elokuuta 2016

Chocolate Ootd

It has some time, it has! Soo long time no see. On June (I think??) I was meeting with my Ex-roommate, when she was visiting her bf and we decided to catch up and plan our next adventure, which will happen in two weeks I think? We both love food - we were rooming together when we were just studying so we were broke af and didn't get that many opportunities to be as glutton as we really are.. Time to catch up with it while both are working! We decided to try our local Chico's - while it isn't fasncy or even special, it's still different to us. We usually just go to our usual Chinese :''D so that was big step towards wild food adventures.

This really is phone pic edition, because I didn't really plan to dress up and whatnots, but then I thought, the heck not. Nowadays I don't have even time to sleep so better to make days count or something.

The dress & bow is Angelic Pretty, shoes Alice and the Pirates, blouse from fleamarket (some Finnish old as fuck design) and parasol Baby the Stars Shine Bright, socks eBay. *lol*

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