torstai 18. elokuuta 2016

Ice Tea Party

Last Sunday Karla hosted small ice tea party, it's so lovely how Karla bothers inviting me, even I usually can't attend due work or tiredness! I was recalling back, that last time when I had time to attend to Karla's tea parties, it was something like half year ago, because it was sleeting in horizontal plane and I was praying lolita gods that my Baby's parasol stays intact. :'D

I wasn't sure do I really want to attend this time - there was so much to pack and it was my first day off for a while.. but I was invited Heidi with me, so I have to. I went through all the the stages of getting ready: I woke up too early, drunk too much coffee, get into "I hate my make up", "I hate all my wigs" "I hate my own hair, but gosh I don't like my wigs", "I so fricking hate my own hair", "I don't want to dress up", "I don't have any clothes", "do I really need pett-of fucking course you need!!" And in the end, sported mt own poor hair.

And was so pleased to go in the end! I haven't got for a while that good ice tea and it always bit exciting to see Karla's parrot(??) Doris, I'm not bird-person but it's always nice to hear about others pets. :'D

I think I look younger when I've using my own hair. o.o
Now I'm visiting my grandparents before heading to new adventures.. There's only handful of days left before moving day..Wish me a luck!

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  1. Söpis <3 Ja toi mekko on yhä mun lemppareita!

    1. Aww kiitos :3 Tää on kyllä rakkausmekko, lol käyttääköhä kukaa enää tota sanontatapaa? :'D