torstai 7. heinÀkuuta 2016

Not feeling cute

Time flies so fast!
As I previously might have told that I got sick after Hellocon, and I was bedridden for entire week, I still decided to meet with Heidi and Toni. Heidi was sleeping over during Hellocon, and we started to plan how cool it would be to keep Usakumya meet up! Everyone should bring Usakumya with them and it would be only rule for said meet up. Mid Summer Festival was creeping and it kind of destroyed our great big plan for Bunny Meet Up, and we decided just meet and keep picnic. And take a walk around Helsinki. (That wasn't planned but happened, and after rock climbing with lolita shoes on Viapor on last summer, said walk around Helsinki with rock ponies, it was easier than breathing, which was kind of hard because of flu.. :'D)

Kuva, jonka Awkward posing (@digitalsweets) julkaisi

Kira kira eyes *.*

A shooting assistant ._.

I was still kind of sick, and didn't feel too great and it kinds of affects my appearance on photos (and surely in real life! :'D), but why not to share some frumpy grumpy lolita there?

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