torstai 30. kesäkuuta 2016

Hellocon (in the tiniest nutshell)

I don't know why it is so hard to start writing this post.. like a total mental block. No. You will not write anythi-buthey look at that little cute smol flower over there! Like.. brain. No. The last Hellocon - Helsinki Lolita Convention - was hold on 18.-19.6, and of course I've to be there. The Main Event's theme was something among lines "Rose garden", while Tea Party's theme was "the Children of Night", yay. Sexy and glittering vampires! - Not.

Saturday - Main event day - was total disaster for me. On previous day - Friday - I had finished night shift on 6am and Saga's wedding bells started to ring on 1pm! You can bet your frills that I didn't have much of sleep (total one hour :'D lol) and due that.. on Saturday.. I slept in!! We had planned whit Heidi we will meet on Central Railway Station 12am but yeeah.. that girl slept in and we have to cancel our plan, either way I would have only 40 minutes to rush to Central. I mean, train tooks already 22 minutes and I walk to station 16 minutes so go figure that. Tired, somehow cute lolita being 30 minutes late from Hellocon? Doesn't sound too bad.. But it would be unfortunate if said lolita did get lost after short tram ride and wanders around Helsinki for one hour before finds her way to right place. Lets add fucking heavy rain. And one Baby the Stars Shine Bright parasol, and lack of caffeine, lack of food (no breakfast 'cause gotta hurry hurry hurry!!!!) and lack of sleep. I cry-laughed-yelled-cried that I've to make my eye makeup four times in two hours. Not my day, so I don't have pictures.

The Main guest was Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and while I was super thrilled of their fashion show and other programs, you would say I was bit too tired to fully enjoy the whole ordeal. Luckily Heidi, Ilona and Maria still delighted my grumpy frilly ass. I've done buttloads of work and over hours on every period and please, bear with me when I say; I seldom get enough sleep nowadays.

TBC on Teaparty post with more pictures!

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