sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2016

But First, Coffee

I love coffee, I found couple of weeks ago new cafe near Kamppi and there was the best coffee of the town - the second cup for free. I don't remember name, only who was with me but no idea how and why I was there with said company!

And for sure I know that the first post of who ever's blog is always cringe worthy. So also mine. But yes, hello I'm cchuboi (- "hello cchuboi"), oh god that's so hard! (- "yes we know, every one of us has been there") I shut down my very first lolita blog month ago - why? Who the hell knows, not me! It just lost its sparkle or something among the lines, it did't feel "me" anymore, I felt the pressure of the years - that bloody blog has witnessed my beginner coords, my clumsy petticoats and bad photos of new dresses! I'll promise you, even that blog will never be your quality lolita blog, because I'm too lazy, too busy too tired too stressed too happy too sad etc for maintaining such thing. I just need place to.. be me me me me and me, only me. ME, social MEdia.

And well, I have that weird ache on my back bone that blog will not be purely for lolita - I'm too busy right now for full time lolita, so do you trust me? Do you want to see what I've to offer? (Beside my bad jokes and lonely talk between myself and cats?) Are you sure that the grass is greener on the other side? *grin*

'Till the next time.

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